Founder & Managing Director of EXXclaim Capital
Anula Jayasuriya is a private equity executive and venture capitalist. She founded EXXclaim Capital, an early stage venture fund focused on catalyzing innovation, entrepreneurship and investment in Women’s Health. Anula co-founded the “Evolvence India Life Science Fund”, the first fund in India to focus on health care and invest in Indian pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and contract services companies. She was a partner with Skyline Ventures in Palo Alto, and with the German/US venture capital firm TVM, in San Francisco. Her prior positions include VP Business Development at Genomics Collaborative Inc., and Vice President, Global Drug Development at Hoffman-La Roche for opportunistic infections in AIDS and Transplantation. Anula received a BA from Harvard, and an MD and PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from Harvard Medical School and an MBA from Harvard Business School, as well as a M. Phil. in pharmacology from the University of Cambridge, in England.